If you’ve been wondering about the best accounting software for the self employed, we’ve found the solution!

Quickbooks have launched a new cloud based accounting service specifically for freelancers, contractors, and sole-traders.

Quickbooks self employed helps you manage all your finances, easily and accurately.You can quickly separate business from personal transactions, automatically calculate estimated taxes, see your take home pay and simplify your self-assessment.

Designed for simplicity, the software is polished, easy to navigate and has straightforward, bloat-free applications to help you keep on top of your finances.

Here’s a low down of the features:

Connect accounts

You can download online banking transactions and connect accounts to see all your income and expenses, including those from your credit card accounts.

Simply enter the user names and passwords for your financial institutions. After a few minutes, a list of your most-recent transactions appears.

Tax payments estimated for you

Banish end of year surprises – Quickbooks estimates tax due so you can plan in advance and set aside money for tax payments.

Get what’s due

The software allows you to track mileage expenses so you’re never out of pocket. And as you can access your data from a smartphone or tablet, you can update on the move.

Tax ready reports

Nobody likes doing their end of year accounts – the summary report matches HMRC’s Self-Assessment form to provide you with an accurate end of year submission. And if you’ve already got an accountant you’ll get tax-ready reports.

Get organised

With all your income and expenses organised in one place, keeping up to date with your bookkeeping has never been easier. Once the income from your sales hits your bank, Quickbooks will track it.

Cloud based security

As we mentioned last week, many of our clients are concerned about cloud computing risks. Quickbooks Self Employed boasts bank-grade encryption and security, keeping you safe in the cloud.

You can try with no risk with their 30 day free trial. And their subscriptions won’t break the bank anyway, at just £6 per month.

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