Quickbooks is our online bookkeeping software of choice, and, if you remember, the other week we announced that we’re now a Gold Partner.

Being a Gold Partner works to your advantage; as the support we get from QuickBooks, we can deliver to your business.

Some of our clients come to us as brand new startups. They’ve registered their Limited Company and need to get their accounts in order. One of the first things they ask us is which software to use.

Other clients have been in business for a while and are already using a desktop programme, but they’re not happy with it. Perhaps they are spending too much money, maybe it doesn’t meet their requirements, or for some; they’ve chosen a free option which doesn’t deliver what they need.

Who owns the data?

Some clients are concerned that if their accountant goes AWOL, years of data disappears with them.

This simply isn’t true.

With a cloud based package, you’re buying a subscription to HOST the data. Which means it doesn’t matter where your accountant goes; that data is yours.

It also means if you want to move your data, it’s yours to take. You just download everything and cancel your subscription.

Are my details safe?

When it comes to linking your bank accounts with your accounting software, many clients are concerned about confidentiality and identity theft.

It’s good to be concerned, but we can reassure you that reputable companies take your cloud computing risks very seriously. Your details are as secure as your online bank security.

Benefits of cloud based accounts

Now we’ve allayed your fears, here are a couple of the biggest benefits of cloud based accounting software.

Focus your time

Most business owners want to raise invoices and leave the rest of the ‘number stuff’ to their accountants.

Once a cloud based programme is up and running, and you’ve agreed and understand which parts of your business accounts you’re responsible for and which aspects your accountant is responsible for; you can breathe a sigh of relief and cross it off your list.

You can do as much as you need or want to and leave us to take care of the rest; which means you can focus on growing your business.

You can spy on your accountant!

Gone are the days of chasing your accountant up, only to be told they were just about to start work on your figures. This used to buy them time and they could hide behind lack of organisation!

Now, when you log into cloud based software, you can visibly see what has been done and get a real-time update of your accounts – in short, you can keep your accountant on their toes!

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