The other week we asked “What is ethical investing?

If you’re really serious about finding out more, Good Money Week, which runs 30th October – 5th November 2016, is for you! It’s the perfect opportunity to ensure those you trust with your money are looking after it well and using it in ways that benefit society and protect the environment.

The term ‘good money’ could be replaced with ‘ethical investment’, ‘socially responsible investment’, ‘sustainable finance’ or ‘ethical banking’….. basically anywhere in which the social and/or environmental impact of your money is taken into consideration, whether a bank account, ISA, pension fund or investment.

Originally known as National Ethical Investment Week (NEIW), the aim of Good Money Week is to raise awareness so that everyone knows they have sustainable and ethical options when it comes to their financial decisions. As we mentioned in our recent post, sustainable and ethical investment allows you to have a positive impact on the environment and society without sacrificing financial performance.

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According to figures published in October 2015, funds that invest in line with ethical and socially responsible criteria have typically outperformed over the past 12 months. Data from Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts found that the average ethical/socially responsible investment (SRI) fund was up 8.2 per cent over the last year (data issued October 2015), comparing favourably with returns from the average non-ethical fund of 6.8 per cent. What’s comforting is this is a pattern repeated over three and five years too. [Article source.]

Whether you’re passionate about clean energy, Fair Trade, sustainable agriculture or human rights, you’ll find a way to make your money work in a way that is more in alignment with your personal values.

Some things you can do during Good Money Week:

  • Contact your bank and ask them for information about how your money is being used in positive ways
  • Speak to a financial adviser about your options for sustainable and ethical investment
  • Put your money where your mouth is and become a sustainable investor – you can invest as little as £5 in a renewable energy project!
  • Email your MP asking them to support Good Money Week
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