You probably feel that the Government takes from you. It takes tax money, makes you jump through hoops and confuses you with red tape.

But it’s all set to change.

Now the Government want to GIVE you money – £1 in every £3 to be precise!

Whether you design websites, offer cleaning services, supply uniforms or design furniture, the Government and its agencies need your services and are eager to pay you for it.

They currently spend £11.4 billion with small and medium sized businesses (those employing 250 or less) but plans announced in August this year show they will increase this to a third by 2020.

Now before you think it’s going to be wrapped up in red tape, the Government have taken three steps to make this process as easy as possible for more and more small businesses to apply.

Easy to find contracts

It’s quick and easy to see what is available with their contracts finder. You’ll find thousands of opportunities, so you can filter results by adding keywords, your industry sector, location and even value of the contract.

You’ll find contracts from £10,000 to millions; a quick search found one particular contract for £40m and you can also find out what’s coming up in the future so you can get ahead of the game.

Quick payments

Last week we wrote “How to get paid quickly by your clients”. You’ve probably experienced that the bigger the company and the more money they have, the slower they are to pay!

Well the Government have stated that the entire public sector pay chain is to be supplied within 30 days. This is good news for small business cashflow and saves you the headache of having to chase people for payment.

Easy to apply

If you get frustrated or put off by complicated forms, this new move will please you. Pre-qualification questionnaires for low value public sector contracts have been abolished.

This makes the process much simpler and quicker.

There’s a great quote we read from Minister for the Cabinet Office, Matt Hancock; which sums up this move by the Government:

“This is such an amazing opportunity for the country’s diverse and innovative small businesses, and today I urge them to get stuck in. From computers to uniforms – there are so many opportunities for small businesses to work with us, and I want to see more of them providing value for money for the taxpayer and benefiting from our spending.”

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