The smartphone and tablet are now part of everyday life for most of us.

Whether for business or pleasure, these small devices keep us up to date, connected with the world and fed with any type of information we choose.

It makes sense as a business owner to leverage that technology into something useful, time saving and profitable.

The world of apps developers have not missed a trick here, so let’s look at the the top three apps to get your smartphone or tablet earning its keep for your company.

Microsoft Office 365

King of the castle is Microsoft Office 365.

Emulated by many, equalled by few, this is a multi-application suite for business productivity that works on almost any device and securely synchronises all your content between desktops and mobile devices.

Yes, that means Mac, IOS, Android and Windows Tablet.

Office 365 handles everything from email to accounts, to printing to cloud storage to keep all your documents safe. And you can create spreadsheets to keep track of your cashflow.

Microsoft have achieved a remarkable feat of software engineering with Office 365 for which you will have to pay a small fee per year.

microsoft office 365

Hours Tracker

Invoicing your clients properly is an essential part of running a successful business. But it can be hard to keep track of all the hours.

Depending on the business you’re in, you may work an hour with one client, three hours with another then an hour on a third all on the same day.

Hours Tracker is the ideal app if you charge clients by the hour or do short bursts of work here and there.

It’s very simple to use with quick and easy time entry.

You add a new job, put in your rates per hour and hit ‘clock in now’. When you finish work you ‘clock out’.

The app keeps a running total, and cost, of the work you’ve done, ready for you to invoice at the end of the month.

You can take breaks or pause a job, track mileage and even sign in ten minutes ago if you forgot to clock in! You can also get the app to remind you when you should be finishing up.

Data can be exported to your email and, if you work at a client’s site, you can use geolocation to automatically clock you in and out when you arrive and leave the premises.

hours tracker app

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is a well known all in one accounting package, and at SafeHands, it’s the software we recommend to our clients – we’re proud to be a Quickbooks partner!

Quickbooks boasts the ability to run your entire business with the world’s #1 small business cloud accounting solution and enjoy the freedom of working anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet.

Of course, it will run on your PC or MAC also and synchronise all data between devices.

Essentially QuickBooks creates and sends invoices to your clients, manages all the accounts and handles payment into your business.

The applications are free, although Quickbooks itself requires a paid for service to access your online accounts.

Safehands accounting - quickbooks partner in Cheltenham gloucestershire

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