Once upon a time small business owners heard from their accountants once a year when they were presented with the end of year figures.

But by then things might have been a bit too late.

You might have reduced your profit margin from last year, overspent on stock or not managed your finances well; leaving your business in a vulnerable position.

After all, how can you make informed decisions if all you get is a once-yearly communication with a meaningless report of figures?

While you don’t need to know the intricate ins and outs of your accounts, you do need access to basic financial information – how much you’ve got in the bank, how much you owe your suppliers & how much your customers owe you, your return on revenue (profit as a percentage of turnover) and a good idea of which way your profit and loss is heading so you can take preventative action if necessary.

While the idea of an accountant you barely know posting your report once a year might sound like a scenario from the dark ages, it’s a sad fact that this still goes on today. And small business owners, just like you, don’t realise they can ask for – and should expect – a better level of service.

What once might have taken several days to do by hand can now be done at the push of a computer button. This means there’s lots more time for your accountant to become a valued member of your team; offering expert financial support across the whole of your business whilst taking care of all the ‘numbers stuff’ for you.

Rather than just producing profit and turnover figures, we can take the headache of day to day finances away; leaving you to focus on the areas of your business that need you the most. Leave us to deal with invoices, receipts and management reports.

And once that old shoebox of receipts and invoices have been accounted for we can get stuck into REALLY helping your business. We see ourselves less as number crunchers and more of a dependable Business Advisor. As accountants in Cheltenham with a trusted reputation, we believe that talking to us should be simple and straight forward.

From advice on raising finance for setting up a business to taking profits out of your limited company to tax efficient investments, we’ll listen to what you want to achieve and help you get there.

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